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This is definitely one of the most common dreams amongst all youngsters, to be a rockstar. Many adore the glamour that comes with the fame and fortune of performing on stage in front of thousands of people. When most either choose to follow their dreams or choose a different route usually takes place around the age ranges from 17 to 21. It is in this time during every aspiring “rock star’s” life when they must take into account their talents, odds against them and the industry in whatever state it is in. They have to either place their faith in their gift, or comes to grips with reality that it might never happen. Below are just a couple tips gathered from some of the more established pro’s in the music business on what it takes to succeed.



Not only does the dream of being a rockstar require practice and hard work, it requires smart practice and hard work focused in the correct place. Many amateur musicians don’t have the proper guidance in order to fulfil their full potential simply because they don’t know what they are doing when it comes to getting better. It is always recommended that you seek out a teacher or a mentor in the form of someone who you aspire to be like so that you can learn from them as much as possible.

Right Place, Right Time

So now that you’ve put in the practice and the hard work, the next step is to get some gigs, or start playing in front of others. As much luck as this step requires, it also requires diligence because sometimes you can create your own luck. It is an absolute necessity that one must prospect, shake hands make connections and impress strangers in order to start creating a name for themselves. By doing this you make yourself as likely as possible to shake hands with a record label agent, or someone established in the industry and open a door for yourself right then and there. You can make your own luck this way and as opposed to waiting to get noticed, you basically force yourself to be noticed and you force your way into the industry in a way. This is the final step to get right as after this the next step is living out your dream as a rockstar performing in front of thousands of people.

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