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The Popular Genres And How They Change

Written on 01/29/2017   By   in General

Since the beginning of human’s making rhythms all the way to rock bands performing in stadiums around the world, the music that we hear or perceive as “good music” is forever changing. Many have studied the trends in order to predict why they change and what the next trends will be however not many of us can quite put our finger on it. It was during the late 20th century when the biggest musical revolution took place and in this time we see genres pop up out of nowhere and others disappear fast. We see times when classical jazz was popular during the 1950’s right into the hippie movement with Jimmy Hendrix in the 1960’s. Then out of nowhere classic rock was born with AC DC in the late 1970’s moving into the disco era music of 1980’s. It kept flowing as the popular styles then went into rap and boy bands of the 1990’s and then punk rock soon afterwards. To this day there are still all of these styles that are being listened to however much more influence in the music world is devoted to new country, EDM music and pop hits.

Why Do They Change?


The main reason that we are seeing these rapid and sudden switches in music genres especially in the late 20th century, is mainly due to the influence of the younger generation. Many of the population that decides what’s popular is taken up by the age groups from 15 right up until 25 as these are the ages which both listen to the most music statistically and are the most frequent concert-goers. These young people are always attaching themselves onto the latest trends that artists and bands are producing and it is simply by doing this that they can significantly shift overall trends in the world of music.

What Is To Come?


So now that we have analyzed the in ways that music has shifted in the last half-century, we can only be left with the question of what is to come? Many people make careers out of this exact question as they will be hired by record labels to establish the newest trends to predict the new artists to sign. Even still amongst those few people, there are not very many strong opinions as to what we can expect to come out of the next musical trend. It could come out of absolute nowhere and disappear like the disco trends of the 80’s, or it could rise and forever exist such as country music has, only time will tell.

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