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Why Do Many Give Up On Their Musical Dreams?

Written on 02/12/2017   By   in General

As common as new artists and talented performers are these days, so are the numbers of talented individuals who choose a different route. For every artist or performer that “makes it big” and gets to live out their dream, there are hundreds of other just as talented who don’t choose the same route. Most of the time these people choose from a variety of reasons from lack of faith, lack of initiation, peer pressure or even to social pressure. Many find themselves choosing another path for this reason even though they have the talent and the skill to go far in the industry. Below we elaborated on a couple key things that many of these people should keep in mind when pursuing a different path than the one that they were meant for.

Just Try It!


Most of these people who end up choosing different routes, do it without even getting a glimpse for what their life could look like if they pursued it actively. What all of these types of people need to do is to take a good look at their life being an artist or musician for a period of time long enough to make an accurate decision. By doing this, they can be completely honest with themselves about whether this is something they want to actively pursue or not. As a side note by doing this they can also develop a great sense of closure as they will no longer wonder about the path not traveled on. So if you have a career right now as a carpet cleaner, banker restaurant server, or even fence installation specialist, it will do no harm to take some time off and get the closure you need before returning to your previous line of work.

Don’t Listen To Other People.


What most people also fail to realize when it comes to making a decision such as this, is the fact that other people don’t matter as much as they keep thinking! Too many times up and coming musicians will have a dream get shut down from parents or society because it is either too risky or not a good use of their talents in the eyes of both influences. These types of musicians need to realize that this is their life and that they are the ones who are going to be going to work every day so in that sense they should make sure they are doing something fulfilling and rewarding, that they chose themselves. Everyone should focused on never giving up on their dreams because sometimes they do come true.

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