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Why Do Some Performers Lose Their Passion?

Written on 02/10/2017   By   in General

We see this scenario time and time again, from artists who go off on the wrong path for whatever reason and lose their entire passion for their gift and refuse to do it anymore. From anyone such as Kurt Cobain of Nirvana to Jimmy Hendrix who both suffered from severe mental depression and anxiety at a time when both of their careers were peaking, to everyone in between. Many have been claimed by similar feelings of depression and anxiety while at the pinnacle of their careers. The question that many have studied and can not figure out is why? What could possibly drive a person as successful as the most famous musicians of the century into suicide or removal from their craft? As foggy of a question as this is, many have come to a common conclusion that this is mainly due to the fact that even though they may suffer from severe problems, no one would seem to understand because from the outside it looks as though they have everything so perfect. This feeling of disconnect can drive most of them past the breaking point and into other extreme scenarios.

Other Possible Reasons?


Now of course the feeling of disconnect is not the only thing that can push people past their limit, sometimes their are many other factors that come into play when artists or bands lose their passion. Another big reason of why is simply because they define themselves by their craft to such extremes that they do not know how to do anything else. They usually look back on their life and realize that they have spent so much time for example, learning to sing and perform all the while, never taking the time to develop a relationship or make friendships last. These feelings of regret can envelop them until they can no longer sing or perform without having feelings of regret overcome them, so in the end they are forced to stop. The only choice they have is to then move on to find another career such as the famous rapper Vanilla Ice, who took on learning the trades from floor refinishing to plumbing to begin renovating houses.

Whatever the reason is, lack of time devoted to anything else, or their unrelatable problems, it really is unfortunate how many great artists and performers we lose on a consistent basis. Aside from treating these people like rock stars, we need to also treat them as people who have other lives outside of the music world. If we can all simply do this, the professional music industry might be a slightly happier place.

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